about – english version

Lisa is a photographer and artist who currently lives and works in Hamburg and London, but is just as happy to be able to work anywhere else in the world. Her current series BOARDERS? she photographed  in Germany and Switzerland and exhibited for the first time in August 2017 at the Copeland Gallery, London. In addition to conceptual photography, Lisa also works on film sets as a still photographer, most recently in October 2017 on a project directed by Freddie Fox. In the leading roles Charles Dance, James Norton and Jessica Brown Findlay. The project was filmed in Dorset, England and Nice, France.

Concerning moving images, Lisa’s experimental short film “I, You, We” is a no-budget production with participants from ten different countries. Together with her Photography exhibition it got screened in August 2017 at the Copeland Gallery, London.

She is currently working on the continuation of the photo series BOARDERS? and together with actress Paula Tuschner on a financing plan to film her jointly written screenplay.