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I’m Lisa. Photographer and filmmaker, currently working between Hamburg and London.  I photographed my photo series BORDERS? in Germany and Switzerland in 2017 and exhibited it for the first time at the Copeland Gallery in London in August 2017. In my conceptual photography I am currently working intensively on combining the topic of bodypositivity and our connection to nature, which is important for our well-being but at the same time dwindling. Our society is in a finite state of transition, led by digitalization, which holds many opportunities but also risks. Social media is as encouraging as humiliating and it is up to us, art and the media landscape, to set the course for a future of discourse and acceptance. With my work I hope to trigger readiness for dialogue, empathy and tolerance in the viewer, but also to awaken a feeling of freedom that nature can give us. In nature the cultural context breaks away completely and everything that counts we carry within us. Nature manages to bring us closest to ourselves or to strengthen interpersonal relationships. An authentic, raw visual language is important to me, which is why I work exclusively analog in my personal work and leave the pictures unedited. Unless a customer requests explicitly analog, I work digitally in order to be able to adjust optimally to the needs of the customer.

Besides my personal work I am a still photographer on film sets. October 2017 at the short film project HERO, with which Freddie Fox will celebrate his directors debut. Starring Charles Dance, James Norton and Jessica Brown Findlay and shot in Dorset, England and Nice, France.

My first experimental short film “I, You, We”, a no-budget production with participants from ten different countries, was also screened in August 2017 at the Copeland Gallery in London.